Powering fragrance retail’s digital transformation

Aura Lab creates cloud-based machine-learning software on a subscription basis that helps fragrance retailers improve the
fragrance discovery process for their shoppers, and enable the virtuous cycle of data into insights, and insights into action.

ScenTech Is The Foundation To Your Digital Transformation

Scentech is the only fragrance A.I recommendation system that continues to improve with every use. So far, the recommendations have delighted more than 80% of the shoppers and converted more than 70% that have undergone the experience.




100s of Data points on each perfume


Recommends a wide array of perfumes to your taste

Aura Labs Enhancer

Turn all your salespeople into fragrance experts capable of providing a unique and personalized customer service with Aura Labs Enhancer App that your team can use on tablet, to help every shopper find a perfume that suits them.

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Aura Labs Advisor

For the 50% of your shoppers that do not engage with salespeople, Aura Labs Advisor can be accessed via a QR code in your store, so that your shoppers can navigate the store like they would on your online store, only with a personalized curation to their preferences.

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Our Clients Say

97% of our partners say “Aura Labs” product improves user experience


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