Everyone has a story to tell. Here is Ours.

It all began with a vision in a cubicle in Jebel Ali, Dubai. In 2017 after years at Procter & Gamble’s Fragrance Business Unit, our team began to evangelize a fundamentally different retail. One where the shopper experience is delightful and personalized. To offer as much delight in shopping for a fragrance, as it is delightful to experience scent, and it’s yet to be understood impact on memories, emotions & sensuality. And one where fragrance retail shifts from its 20th century product centricity, to lead the wave of digital transformation in what will be a seamless, experience-rich, on-going value providing retail that is hyper-personalized to every shopper’s taste.

Since then, Aura Labs began to re-invent fragrance retail by addressing the pain that aches us the most. Finding a perfume. Scentech©, its revolutionary deep learning algorithm, can understand every shopper’s taste and intent, and suggest perfumes to them wherever they are shopping, that suit their preferences.

And here begins the re-invention of fragrance retail. A vision that will touch every part of the shopper’s journey. Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Re-purchase. Rooted in the principles of great customer service, and powered by big data.

How Our Product Can Help Your Business

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