How Does Aura Labs Enhancer Work?

The best salespeople are the ones that know their products the best. But they are few and far between. Your assortment is 100s of perfumes. Your shopper can only smell 5 perfumes. Your shopper can’t always explain what they want. And your sales associate is no wizard.

Enhancer© is a fragrance finder, powered by AI
In the hands of your salespeople. On tablet
Designed to personalize the experience
Engineered to never miss out on a potential sale

Turn your team into Expert

Even your makeup salespeople can now sell fragrances like experts. The app takes care of the recommendation. Your team focuses on the interpersonal.

Convert more than 2x your average

Enhancer has helped frontline fragrance salespeople convert more than 70% of the shoppers when using Enhancer.

Personalize the Experience

According to Euclid, 51% would like retailers to use technology them learn about relevant products tailored to their needs”Let us help you give them what they want.

Derive Key Assortment Metrics

Learn what your shoppers like and use, draw insights, and improve your assortment accordingly.


Our Clients Say

97% of our partners say “Aura Labs” product improves user experience

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