What is Aura Labs Advisor©?
It is our powerfully simple, and simply powerful web app that your shoppers could access by scanning a QR code in your store, and get perfume recommendations leveraging our proprietary machine learning technology, Scentech.

Your shoppers can now navigate your offline store, like e-commerce, with the touch and feel of the products that you carry.

Why Aura Labs Advisor©?
Research conducted at Aura Labs found that 49% of fragrance shoppers prefer not to seek the help of a fragrance salesperson. Finding a fragrance is already difficult in the sea of choices. More so, without any help. Diminishing your chances to delight, and keep them coming for more.

According to a recent Zendesk study, a good experience increases the possibility of a purchase by 42%, while a bad experience translates into a 52% chance of losing that sale forever. This means more than half of us will stop shopping at a store due to a single disappointing experience.

What does Aura Labs Advisor© mean to you?

  • Most shoppers carry mobile phones that have QR code readers as a default setting in their mobile cameras.
  • Placing the signage that has your unique store QR code at your store front, will sprout curiosity. Curiosity will then drive shoppers into the store.
  • With shoppers enjoying the e-commerce experience, creating an experience in the store that resembles navigating online, but in your stores, is intuitive, exciting and enjoyable.
  • Scentech has proven to convert shoppers from curiosity to a sale twice as much as the average salesperson.
  • Shoppers going through the experience on their mobile phones, helps you to tap into more data regarding their preferences, which enables you to use that information to continue to improve your experience, assortment and communication based on their needs.

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